His Lecture on the Life of 


….without a doubt, the most famous magician and escape artist of all time. Born in Budapest, Hungary, his family later moved to Appleton, Wisconsin, which he would later list as his hometown. His real name was Ehrich Weisz. (He later changed the spelling to Weiss)
 He was one of seven children.  His mother was Hungarian.  His father was Jewish (a Rabbi). 

A movie made in the 1950s starring Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh greatly enhanced the details of Houdini’s life. The movie was filled with falsehoods (typically Hollywood). But why? The real details of Houdini’s life are remarkable. He started as a trapeze artist. Later, worked as “The Wild Man of Borneo” in circuses and sideshows, and was the first man to fly an airplane on the continent of Australia. But his real fame came from his true passion…….magic.

Denny More’s interest in magic began at the early age of eight. He started professionally as a magician at the early age of fourteen. Throughout the years, he studied every detail in the life of his hero, Harry Houdini.

Despite the fact that Houdini died of infectious peritonitis at 1:26 P.M. at a hospital in Detroit, Michigan (not in the Chinese Water Torture Cell) on Halloween, 1926, his name is still synonymous with magic and escaping from restraints.

Denny More’s lecture on the life of Harry Houdini includes the REAL facts about his life. It includes visuals plus live re-enactments of some of Houdini’s feats including his “wrist-tie” and his release from a regulation, heavy-canvas strait jacket………done in full view of the audience.

Denny More at Houdini's grave site in Queen's, New York.

This highly entertaining lecture, which includes a question & answer session,
 is perfect for high schools, colleges & universities, 
corporate-events, fraternal & professional organizations, etc.


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